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Mini Book Building Toolkit

Mini Book Building Toolkit

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Writing a Novel? Do it the psychic way and give yourself some structure and some fun with this Mini-Book Building Toolkit!

This KIT is a companion to my book: "The Book Game Plan: How to Write Fiction the Paranormal Way" ~ Seann Vinyasa-Billson (Available on Amazon)

Delivery is a downloadable Zip File (5.4 MB)

The 3 PDF's include:

Game Board
Game Cards
Blank Game Cards (Make Your Own)
Extra Game Cards
Link to Customizable Canva Templates*

*You do not need a Canva Pro Account to access these templates. However, you do need a free Canva account.

The Extra Game Cards are provided as a PDF also. However, this is also the customizable template as mentioned. The link is inside the Mini Book Building Toolkit pdf.


Cut out the game cards, shuffle and place them randomly on the game board.


Plan which 3 cards you want to use and in what order.

REMEMBER to REWARD yourself!

Set out the reward card on the board. Shuffle cards and pick randomly or choose ahead of time.

Note: This Mini Building Toolkit is for personal use.

© Seann Vinyasa-Billson

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